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Founded in January of 2016, Finetix Magazine has seen tremendous growth in a very short amount of time. In our first 12 months we have grown from zero to over fourty thousand subscribers internationally; with over one hundred-thousand viewers per month. Finetix Magazine is a no non-sense, free, digital magazine for everyone that anyone can enjoy.

Targeted towards the health concious that also enjoy cars, games, sports and the finer things in life, Finetix Magazine is here to give you a fun, monthly read that will hopefully bring a little more fun to your life. We hope you enjoy everything that our magazine has to offer in addition to our updated website. Thank you for viewing and being supporter.

Finetix Magazine is one of many companies under the Finetix Brand - inlcuding:

Finetix Fitness
Finetix Magazine
Finetix Fitness Trainer
Finetix Fitness Education