Finding A Prep Coach

Photo Credit: Finetix Fitness

Does Your Coach Know Their Stuff

In the competitive world of bodybuilding (including other categories such as physique, figure, bikini and so forth), having a prep coach to guide you through your training both on and off the stage is essential to reaching your potential. But with the industry being as large as it is, finding a “good” prep coach can be harder than you think. To make it a little easier, we have compiled a list of the top attributes of the best prep coaches in the industry; along with what to look for and what to avoid when picking your prep coach.

Finding a Prep Coach is Like Dating

When you first talk to a prep coach, you should have a list of questions ready to fire at them in a moments notice; just as you would on a first date:

- What are your rates?
- What is your prep process?
- How do you send workouts?
- When should I do check-ins?
- How long have you been doing this?
- Do you just do fitness or do you also do nutrition and posing?

Talking to a prep coach, prepared, not only shows them that you are serious about competing but will help you weed out a coach that has no idea what they are doing before you waste your time and money with them.

Photo Credit: Finetix Fitness

Regardless of if you are looking for a coach for your first show or your hundredth show, you want to make sure that you find a coach that meets your “Must Have” list. Create this list before you even start talking to coaching and DO NOT stray away from it. For example, if you are looking for a coach that lives you in your area, has trained amateurs that have gone pro and does the fitness and nutrition portion of your program - don’t settle for someone else just because their pricing is better. You may pay more upfront for a good coach but you will pay a lot more long-term for a bad one.


Find a coach that is willing to go the extra mile to see you succeed and doesn’t think of it as going the extra mile. A coach that can help you with your workouts and nutrition is a good coach but a coach that can help you with your prep, pick you up when you are down (it happens to the best of us), push you to inspire others around you and is willing to go to your shows without you asking is a great coach.

Top Coaching Traits To Run From

1 | Lack of Experience
2 | No Social Media Following
3 | Poor Track Record
4 | Poor Communication
5 | Cookie Cutter Workouts
6 | Poor Attitude

A Note from Ron Anderson, Finetix CEO “As a prep coach my number one priority for my competitors is for them to know that I am just as invested in their prep if not more than they are. The journey to the stage is not an easy one but if you have a coach that is there to pick you up every time you fall down it makes the journey a heck of a lot easier.

Not all coaches are created equal and just because a coach helped a bodybuilder place well on stage does not mean they can do the same for you. When looking for a prep coach make sure to find someone with the expertise in your specific area that will individualize a program specifically for YOU!

Don’t get stuck with a cookie cutter coach. It will cause you nothing but heartache".

How You Know When You’ve Found the Right Coach

Finding the right prep coach takes time but when you’ve found one that works for you stick with them. How do you know when you’ve found the right coach? The “right” coach for you will achieve these three (3) things for you:

1 | They will challenge you beyond what you thought possible
2 | They will be straight forward, blunt and sometimes just mean
3 | They will be there for you before, during and after the show

Best Prep Coach Traits

- Highly educated/experienced
- Has a strong following
- Specializing in what you need
- Individualizing a program to YOU
- Is a Pro/competitor or has competed
- Highly communicative when you need them