How Social Media Is Changing The Beauty Industry

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Social media has undeniably crept into almost every aspect of our lives and the beauty industry has used this to create a thriving new sector of its market in the Online world. Amateurs have become professionals and the audience is now more important than ever for the marketing strategies of beauty companies. New media has allowed the beauty industry to personalize their interactions with customers and generated completely new careers within the industry itself.

However, the industry’s inability to quickly and authentically change in a holistic way gives rise to a new type of beauty entrepreneur: the social-media savvy individual who is on a mission to make the beauty industry more diverse and inclusive. For example, Youtube has generated an Online community for thousands of different networked publics, one of which being the beauty industry. The Internet has allowed a network of beauty bloggers, makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts to come together to connect and share with one another. In the past, the only way you could learn about makeup without going to school for it was through books; but this is no longer the case. This Online community has opened up an industry that was once considered niche and elite to the entire world and widened the marketplace for the beauty and fashion space.

This new movement has empowered the audience of Youtube users to influence how professionals are recognized within the cosmetic world. Makeup professionals are no longer identified by a certificate or qualification, but by their abilities displayed in the videos they post and how popular those videos are within the Online community. The emancipation of audiences in new media enables the mute to speak and the invisible to be seen.

This shift in the beauty industry has sparked a new age of beauty videos, how-to’s and beauty wanna-bes and professionals alike taking to social media like never before. And all of this is being done to get a piece of the spotlight. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest being the largest social media outlets for these beauty bloggers - all battling for your attention, likes and shares. But is this necessarily good for the beauty industry? The answer is yes!

By having a more diverse voice in the industry, beauty companies are better aligning themselves with beauty entrepreneurs that they otherwise would not have known were out there. This not only gives beauty companies a larger voice but it also empowers the consumer. Influential beauty professionals are no longer unattainable super models and entrepreneurs that were blessed with opportunity and resource that others may not have been to get to where they are. Now more than ever, the consumers are the ones that create these “beauty influencers” by liking their post, sharing their content and encouraging others to do the same.

Starting with Youtube, the beauty community has now extended to many other social media platforms, with a very close network of both producer and consumer users. So long as the beauty industry can continue adjusting itself to the needs of society, the possibilities are unlimited with the rise of social media. Social media is, and will continue to be, extremely influential to the way we live our lives.