Polaris Slingshot Review

Photo Credit: Polaris


For our test drive we got to experience the middle range Slingshot SL; with the technology package, back-up camera and upgraded 18inch front and 20inch back wheel.

Getting into the slingshot is a very familiar feeling for me. Having owned serveral sports cars over the years, it was comforting to step into the slingshot and feel that the seats and cockpit formed to me. Fully water proof, the interior of the Slingshot SL with a starting MSRP of $25,499 was shockingly good. Think of lotus barness with camry quality feel. Putting the key into the ignition you see a bright red light in the center consel with the slingshot logo start blinking as if it knows your hearts is pounding with excitement, waiting to take it for a spin. You push the button and the slingshot comes to life with a low and sports car like tone.

Hesitant to jump on the road at first, while I was getting a feel for the 5-speed manual gear box, there is no mistaking that the 173 hp engine will cook the tires right off the slingshot if you wanted. I come to the first red light just out of the dealership and Jason, General Manager for American Heritage Motorcycles in Highland Park, IL says to me “Treat this like a sports car. That’s what it’s made for.” I don’t know if this was his nice way of saying I was driving like an old lady but I took his advice to heart and “WOW”! I’ve never experienced anything like this. Instant acceration, turns on a dime and draws more attention than anything I’ve ever driven or seen on the road.

The gearbox effortlessly shifts through each gear, instantly putting power to the ground with the sweetest sound of your wheels tearing up the pavement under them; seeming to want you to push harder and faster through each gear. Surprising through the entire test drive I was never cold (it was about 45 degrees in Chicago and cloudy); which is good because the slingshot does not have AC or heat. I never felt as if the ride was too stiff (It’s a sports vehicle people, it’s going to be stiff) and I never wanted to get out. Let me rephrase that, the 10-year old boy in me would have to be dragged out kicking and screaming.

Photo Credit: Polaris

When you first look at the Slingshot, you are either in aww or you want nothing to do with it. There is really nothing else like it on the road. But when it comes to leasing one over buying one, we recommend leasing the Slingshot.

If you have disposable income to have a second, “fun” car or if you love sports cars and truly want something that will give you $80k sports car performance and handling for a fraction of the cost this is the vehicle to get. It looks out of this world, it handles like go-kart, has the acceleration of a Maserati and draws more attention than an exotic sports cars. You couldn’t ask for more in fun, performance vehicle.

BUT - if you live anywhere where it is cold most of the year, where its cloudy or raining more days than not or where the roads are less than ideal to drive on the slingshot is not for you.